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Our Strategy

To develop a "game changer"product in the areas of



Medical Aesthetics

To Support the Funding of the Game Changer Development mentioned above by starting with “Reselling of Product “in the same areas as above, that are fully licensed by the FDA , at the same time promising and under-represented in the market.

Our Development Approach

In order to get to the above Phoenix Med LLC is assisted by World Class Experts and Organizations with Experience and a Track-Record of High Performance in Aesthetic and Medical Product Development as well in the “Bring to Market” Field.

The Search for Product and Data will be done in a Scientific and Systematic Way with the following steps:

Identification of Papers



Decision on Eligibility



Include Papers for Data Extraction


In this way a lot of irrelevant papers are excluded which will save time, effort, and money. The screening criteria for Included and Excluded are:

Aimed at Developers & Users
Include Actionable Guidance
Limited to One Medical Domain
Limited to one AI technique

Aimed at Governing Institutions

Year of Publication < 2000

Limited to Prerequisites

Not Written in English

Ressellers Approach

In choosing a product to Re-Sell Phoenix Med will focus on the Dermal Fillers and Biostimulators Portfolio but also carry Therapeutics and Medical Aesthetic Products.

According to a survey made by McKinsey the next-generation of products and procedures are continually expanding the range of offerings and making greater inroads into demographic groups that value aesthetics. New indications and an expanded portfolio of dermal fillers and biostimulators are helping to expand the market as well. Therefore our Resellers Approach will focus on:

Regulatory Compliance
Patient Centric Solution 
Rapid Adoption
Engagement with the Market

Product Portfolio

Our team of Experts is continuously searching together with our Partners for Products and Applications that meet the criteria above, we therefore invite Providers that meet Our Standards to contact us. As to our Customers we will inform you as we go through our channels and social media about the products in our portfolio.

Note: This is where the pictures of our products will be shown, in the future.

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