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Our Mission

We want to be an important part of a “game changing” product developments in aesthetics, therapeutic and life longevity, thereby most admired by our Customers, Employees, Partners, and Government for being Bullish on performance, Ethical, Scientific and Timebound.





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The Focus: The main objective of Phoenix Med LLC is to develop “game changing” products and or solutions in the field of aesthetics, therapeutics, and anti-aging to improve the quality and the length of life of our customers. The Global population is ageing, which is a positive consequence of economic, scientific, and cultural development. While people live longer, they continue to need and want to stay feeling and looking younger. The market for feeling and looking more youthful continues to grow as longevity increases.






Our Customers: All the clinics and health-centra that are buying our product but also the person getting treatment at the health facilities. We want to provide all these customers with, training, honest, clear, and science-based product information to ensure that our products are applied in the right way, and we want the customers receiving treatment know as much as possible about the products pros and cons.















Our Employees: Our employees are our brand ambassadors and therefore they need know and live the ethical standards and cultural values set by the company. They need to believe in the mission of the company and therefore there is need for regular interaction with the employees about who we are and what we want to be and their feedback on how best to achieve our goals need to be taken seriously and included in our plans.















Our Partners: We work in collaboration with Manufacturers, Marketing Agencies, Distributors, Reseller Partners and Service Companies. All these Partners are carefully chosen on the basis of sharing our cultural values and should be proud and enthusiastic about who we are and what we want to achieve. At the same time all members of Phoenix Med LLC have the obligation to relentlessly live the values and ethics set by the company.
















Government: We want the Government to be enthusiastic and supportive of Phoenix Med LLC and we will perform our business in accordance with the law at all times.















Bullish on Performance: Phoenix Med will yearly set smart (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound) objectives and hold all members of the organization accountable for realizing agreed individual objectives. Superior and Satisfactorily Performance will be valued, and Bad Performance must lead to correction through training and coaching or dismissal in case of no improvement.














Ethical: We will be respectful to all employees, customers, partners, and Governments, execute our business in a fair and transparent way. Be open, honest, and respectful of the law in all our dealings. We will not discriminate against genders, ethnics, persons with a handicap or gay people, but work together in inclusiveness with our goals in focus.













Scientific: We will base our product development and research actions on science.
















Timebound: Setting time limits to achieve goals form an integral part of a successful plan and Phoenix Med LLC will see to it that plans are not open ended but bound to a reasonable and attainable time limit. We will hold our self to agreed starting times and time limits of meetings and expect the same from our partners.

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