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Above the Clouds

Corporate Values

Checking Time

Ruthless Time Management

Not respecting time brings down the performance of the group and should therefore not be tolerated, meeting should start end end on time. Agreed time-frames for work execution should be kept  respect or there must be a valid reason to change a set time-frame.

Guy on SUP

Passion For Success

We are passionate for success and are therefore yearly setting audacious goals for ourselves and the company, to realize our mission. If we are successful in reaching a milestone, we should all be happy about that and celebrate.

Brainstorming Session

Solution Oriented Problem Solving

We should not embark on explaining what the problems are, most of the time these are known already. We should study the root cause of problems, and focus on the solution of these.

Raising a Hand


We should actively participate in meetings and explain our views confidently, confidence however does not means being arrogant, we should always respect each other.



We should speak out and give our opinion, but being assertive doesn’t mean being rude to others.

Working Together

Good Written and Verbal Communication Skills

In order to have an effective communication good written and communication skills are essential. This also enhances the performance of the organization because we do not have to spend time on explaining what we meant but focus on getting things done.

Group Portrait

Effective Engagement across all Ethnic

We are including everybody in the work to achieve our goals and are not tolerating any form of discrimination of gender, religion, ethnicity, handicap, or gay people. A diverse team has proven to be more successful in reaching lasting solutions.

Conversation Between Colleagues

Ability to Impose Accountability

We expect our board, the executives, employees and partners to be accountable for promises made and expectations set. “Say what you are going to do” and “do what you said you are going to do”

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